Etta Dale Hornsteiner is the founder of LiveLiving International Foundation Inc., a faith-based and nonprofit health and wellness organization and the editor of Transformational Living magazine, which was first published in digital format in 2009. The magazine has become the perfect place for Etta Dale to display her joi de vivre and share all the things that inspire her: God and the sacred; holistic health and wellness; athletic discipline; and, theatre and film. The magazine is imbued with the many skills Etta Dale has acquired through the various phases of her life journey.

Etta Dale taught English and Theater for 12 years in The Bahamas and the United States. She competed for seven years as a bodybuilder under the tutelage of eight-time Ms. Olympia, Lenda Murray. It was this fruitful attempt to sculpt the human body that intensified Etta’s love for fitness. She left the classroom to become a personal trainer. Helping people whether as a teacher or trainer was the simplest way Etta could respond to the yearning within her heart to see the body of Christ healthy and whole.

Strangely, it was through bodybuilding that she learned the many ways of sculpting not only her body but her spirit and mind as well. She captures these lessons in a unique health and wellness bible study, The Ten Commandments for Living a Healthy and Fit Life. The study underscores the importance of disciplining oneself to cultivate good physical, mental and spiritual habits for whole health and wellness.

Etta Dale has a strong desire to see people healthy in their body, mind and spirit. Etta Dale is a graduate of Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in English and minors in Sociology and Spanish. She received her graduate degree in Education and Theater from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.