LiveLiving International Foundation Inc. is a faith-based (Judeo-Christian) holistic health and wellness non-profit organization. Our goal is to educate and empower believers to live a productive and wholesome life in their community and world.

Healthy Living
Sometimes we think being healthy is only about losing weight or being a certain dress size when, actually, being healthy involves our body, mind and spirit and the dream we carry within us. So much of our time is dedicated to doing for others, running the never ending material and work treadmill, trying to get healthy but becoming frustrated when we fail, or denying the fact that we are feeling stuck, unmotivated, purposeless and unfulfilled.

The LiveLiving Conference is more than a conference. It is a unique opportunity to come home to your self.

Join us on The Journey to Wholeness. Learn how to let go of what actually weighs you down. Find out what you are really hungry for. Unblock your path to ultimate health and wellness. Find love, joy and gratitude in life. But most of all find your true self in Christ!


There are different paths to healing just as God has wired each of us differently. To those who prefer a more instructional approach to health and healing, this is the path for you. The purpose of this conference is to present an holistic and an evidence-based approach to health and wellness and to show how our health is linked to the core of our being. Our physical, emotional and mental health is deeply connected to who we are as spiritual beings. Therefore, we cannot approach health without an understanding of ourselves in relation to God as the source of our love and the ground of our being.


  • The Journey to Wholeness will begin with a spiritual hike, symbolizing the embarkation of a new life.  Attendees will
    • learn how to overcome obstacles, such as anger and depression, that can block their path to health and healing
    • learn how to live a healthy and whole life according to God’s original design
    • understand gut health and its effect on emotions
    • learn how to live authentically from the essence of their being


  • Attendees will
    • Demonstrate how to integrate body, mind and spirit to obtain whole health
    • Identify the principles established by God for complete health
    • Demonstrate an understanding of who God created them to be
    • Work through one’s life story to remove shame and fear
    • Develop the compassion and the tools to assist others on their journey